Glowing Plant: Natural Lighting without Electricity

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Open Source

By buying this plant you are supporting open science. All DNA, designs and seeds are open source, meaning you are free to edit them, grow them, sell them or give to your friends as you want.

Symbol of the future

Show your friends you care about sustainability and help inspire others about the potential of synthetic biology to make the world a better place.

Funded on Kickstarter

Thanks to your help, 8,433 people reserved their Glowing Plant seeds by backing the project with $484,013

Our Objectives

We live in an unsustainable world, using resources faster than we can replenish them and pushing the earth beyond it's fragile limits. Nature shows us a better way, as biology is sustainable, so we can harness genetic engineering to create better solutions.

The glowing plant inspires hope in a more sustainable future and educates people about this wonderful and mis-understood technology.


How we make the Glowing Plant

We make our plant using the tools of synthetic biology, using a design print transform cycle. We design our DNA sequences on a computer using special Biocad software, then we make the DNA using DNA laser printing before using a Gene Gun to insert the DNA into our plant.

The more we iterate through the cycle, the brighter the plant will be. Every pre-order helps us increase the number of iterations we can do.

Progress to date

We have a working prototype, shown in the image on the right (20 second exposure), which we've demonstrated to hundreds of people. It emits a natural glow like glow-in-the-dark paint which anyone can see. Follow our blog to stay updated on progress.

We are on track to ship our Glowing Plant seeds in Fall 2014. Reserve your plant today!